You are an empress – Shakaya Leone

“You are an empress, a queen- valuable and worthy- a goddess and legend. Your world DOES revolve around you. It is your sacred duty and birthright as a sovereign being to love, honor and take exquisite care of yourself first, foremost and always.”


~ Shakaya Leone

About Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D.

Mary E. Pritchard, PhD is the founder of, owner of EmBody Heart and Mind, LLC., as well as a Professor of Psychology at Boise University. Mary’s own awakening and embracing of her Inner Goddess led to the birth of the Awakening the Goddess Within online community as well as her upcoming book. Mary is passionately dedicated to empowering today’s women in reconnecting with their Inner Goddess, stepping through their perceived fears, and supporting them in the journey of self-discovery.

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