Featured GODDESS: Ostara



Goddess of the Radiant Dawn

“Spring is here! It’s time to come out from hibernation, release old ties, and celebrate new beginnings.”



Traits Ostara Embodies:

  • Rebirth
  • Rejuvenation
  • Dawn
  • Fertility
  • Awakening


How to call on Ostara:

Although Ostara’s parentage is up for grabs, one thing is clear: with her trusty hare as her sidekick and the egg as her symbol of fertility, the Anglo Saxon goddess Ostara’s traditions were adopted by the Christian church and renamed Easter. After all, everyone loves bunnies and colored eggs, so why mess with a good thing? Regardless, Ostara is the Goddess of the Spring Equinox, when the days are becoming longer than the nights, the light overtakes the dark. This is a perfect time to dust off the cobwebs of winter, come out of hibernation, and set your intentions for what you want to manifest this Spring.


Prayer to Ostara:

Ostara, Goddess of the Radiant Dawn,

Queen of Spring,

Bringer of Light,

Hear my Prayers

In this time of awakening,

I call upon you.

I ask for your help with releasing ______ [insert your issue]

So that I may manifest ______ [insert your issue] in the coming months.

In this I pray,

Thank you, Ostara!


Tribute to Ostara:

Like Easter traditions? Ostara loves them! Have some deviled eggs, chocolate, and pet a bunny. Ostara will surely smile upon you.


Featured GODDESS: Hathor

Hair. Beautiful Brunette Girl over Egyptian hieroglyphsHathor

Egyptian Goddess of Creation, Love, Beauty, and Sexuality


“You are a sensual, beautiful woman. Never forget that. Call on me when you need a reminder to love the skin you’re in.”


Traits Hathor Embodies:

  • Fertility
  • Creativity
  • Self-love
  • Sexuality
  • Beauty


How to call on Hathor:

Mother of the sun god Ra, Hathor was the Mother Goddess in ancient Egypt. Women prayed to her for fertility, to have a healthy pregnancy, and for help during childbirth. As the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, Hathor was known for her beauty, dance, and musical abilities. More importantly, she taught the ancient Egyptians about the beauty and wonder of the female form. Call upon Hathor when you need to remember how beautiful you are and what a miracle your body actually is.


Prayer to Hathor:

Hathor, Mother of All,

My form is your form,

My body your body.

Help me explore my sensuality, sexuality, and the wonder that is my body.

Help me realize my own worth.

Help to recognize the miracle of my body, my life

The Divine wonderous gifts that you have given me.

Help me celebrate my curves, my femininity, my breasts and belly

For they hold the keys to life.

In this I pray.

Thank you, Hathor!


Tribute to Hathor:

Known as the cow goddess, Hathor may be honored by giving up beef for the day. As she was also the Goddess of Music and Dance, you can honor Her by dancing under the moonlight or singing your favorite song.


Featured GODDESS: Brigid


Goddess of the Sacred Flame

“I am the spark of life. Call upon me for Inspiration, Healing, and Grounding your energy.”


Traits Brigid Embodies:

  • Healing
  • Inspiration
  • Fertility
  • Creativity
  • Youthfulness


How to call on Brigid:

Brigid was the Celtic Triple Goddess, though she appeared most often in her maiden form. In her maiden aspect, Brigid was Goddess of Inspiration and patroness of poetry. In her mother form, she was Goddess of the Hearth, patroness of healing and fertility. In her crone form, Brigid was Goddess of the Forge, patroness of smithcraft and martial arts. A predecessor to the American Groundhog Day, in ancient times people turned to Brigid to forecast the remaining days of Winter on February 2nd. Instead of the American Punxsutawney Phil, ancient people’s awaited Brigid’s sacred snake to emerge from his cave. The snake’s behavior indicated whether or not Winter was over. Brigid is said to reside in wells and streams. Thus, you will most likely feel her presence near running water or wells.



Prayer to Brigid:

Brigid, Spark of Life,

Sacred Flame

I call upon you,

Hear my name. [Say your name]

Great Goddess,

Hear my prayer

I seek your [whatever trait you want to embody]

To [whatever you need this trait in order to accomplish]

Goddess, I ask you to grant me this power.

In this I pray.

Thank you, Great Goddess!


Tribute to Brigid:

 In ancient times, the Celts would offer coins to one of the many wells and streams named for the Goddess Brigid. Although you may not live in Ireland, you may still offering a tribute of a coin to Brigid at any well or body of running water.


Everyday GODDESS: Ashley Annis

Ashley AnnisI am a woman who is trying to do her best in the world–to find a balance between textbook knowledge and intuition, to be confident in myself but still humble and open, to live what I believe and still have time to accomplish what needs to get done, to teach what I know and continue learning. My name is Ashley Annis and I teach fertility awareness because I believe it is what women need: it is learning to respect and understand a mysterious part of the female experience. It is honoring a sacred cycle. It is empowerment and it is beautiful!

What does being am Everyday Goddess mean to you?

It means empowering and educating women. It means being aware of self and aware of others. It means passion, control, empathy, and grace. It is something that every woman can be, if she believes in herself! I consider myself to be an everyday goddess mainly because of the classes I teach: I am a fertility awareness educator and I give women the information they need to understand their cycle, and how to use that information to prevent or achieve pregnancy. There is so much power in that information, and I feel like a goddess each time I give it to other women.

At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

It was certainly gradual and slow. When I was 21 I attended a study-away program in the mountains of Oregon. I lived with 19 other students and 5 professors and we basically just read books and talked for 4 months. I lived with 4 other women that semester, and these women completely changed my perspective on what it meant to be a woman and a mindful human being. They taught me about using cloth pads, about eating locally and organically, they taught me I didn’t have to be in competition with other women and that women have completely different gifts than men. We danced late into the evenings, we howled and played under the full moons, we shared our stories, we laughed and cried. It sounds so cheesy when I retell the story, but that semester changed everything. During that time I was also introduced to the idea of God as Mother, which was completely new to me. I always understood God to be a man, and so switching my idea of the divine to a woman totally rocked my world.

What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

Everything! After my semester in Oregon I came back to family and friends who were very confused at the things I was saying. Many of my friends thought I had joined a cult or something, and my family took awhile to understand that I was still Ashley… in fact, I was even MORE Ashley than when I had left. The hardest role was with my fiancé. He didn’t understand the journey I was on, and didn’t support the changes I had made. After a very long, hard, messy couple months, I broke our engagement–something I never expected to do. I couldn’t go back to who I was before I understood the divine feminine. It felt empty and wrong, so I kept forging ahead, even though I didn’t know many other women who were on the same path as me. It was very lonely for awhile. But I’m so glad I had the strength to stay myself.

What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

The greatest gift has been fertility awareness. Eventually I started dating someone new and became sexually active. We knew we needed a birth control method, but I refused to take hormones. It didn’t feel right to me, although many people told me it would be my only option. I started searching for more natural methods and found fertility awareness. It was the missing piece! I loved (and still do!) knowing were I was in my cycle, knowing that I was making the choice to prevent pregnancy with the knowledge I had about my own special, unique body. I felt like even more of a goddess once I realized that my own body gave me all the information I needed to prevent pregnancy.

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Anything quiet, calm and slow. I love lighting incense and sipping tea. I love ringing the blood from my menstrual pads each day I bleed. I love taking some quiet time to iron each of my pads before my bleeding begins. I love journaling my dreams and reflecting on them.

Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

In one of the bios I use for guest blogging, I call myself “a modern day Xochiquetzal” and I named my newsletter after her! She is the goddess of childbirth, pregnancy, female sexuality AND household crafts–all my favorite things and the two main components of my business. I love it that there is a goddess that is not only beautiful and sexual and focused on reproduction, but she also takes time to do arts and crafts. We would be best buds.

Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

You don’t have to use a birth control that doesn’t feel right to you! It IS possible to prevent pregnancy without taking hormones, and it IS something you can handle. Fertility awareness isn’t the rhythm method, it has a lot of science to back it up, but it’s much more than science. It’s an amazing way to connect to your beautiful body and your beautiful cycle.

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Featured GODDESS: Isis

Ancient egyptian womanIsis


Goddess of Motherhood, Magic, and Fertility

“The magic you seek is within you. Call upon me to help uncover your greatest strengths.”

Traits Isis Embodies:

  • Fertility
  • Nurturing
  • Magic
  • Inner Wisdom
  • Inner Knowing


How to call on Isis:

[Okay, this story is kind of gross, but you’ll understand why she was Goddess of Motherhood, Magic, and Fertility.] After Isis’ brother Set murdered her husband Osiris and cut him into 14 pieces (those ancient Egyptians were vengeful!), Isis trekked across the world to find the pieces of her husband Set had scattered. Having found 13 of the 14 pieces, Isis used her magic to put Osiris back together and then sought the help of the God Thoth to craft the missing piece (Osiris’ penis). Fully equipped (!), Osiris was able to impregnate Isis. She then gave birth to the skygod Horus. Call upon Isis when you need help calling upon your inner magic to fertilize and give birth to your dreams.


Prayer to Isis:

 Isis, Great Mother, Goddess of Magic and Wisdom,

Hear my prayer!

I am having trouble with [insert problem here]

I need to unlock my inner wisdom

So I can resolve this issue and give birth to a better version of myself

Please show me the way.

Thank you Isis!

 Say this prayer right before bed as the answer you seek will likely come to you in a dream.


Tribute to Isis:

Isis’ symbol was the star and her flower, the rose. Plant a rose plant in your back yard or on a pot on your back patio under the light of the moon and stars and watch your life flourish!


The Lazy Days of Summer

Working by the SunflowersAh, the lazy, hazy days of summer. Summer has always been considered the most fertile time of the year and for good reason. After the Spring rains, the heat of the summer nourishes the plants and makes them grow. The succulent strawberries are in full bloom in my garden and my snap peas are starting to dry on the vine. I love summer!

From a Goddess perspective, summer is the time of birth, the time when the seeds you planted in the Spring are ready to harvest. As we enter the second half of the year, it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities and take another look at where you are now v. where you wanted to be.

 Some questions to ponder include:

  • Are there any projects I started earlier this year that I still haven’t finished? If so, are they still a priority? If not, let them go. If they are, then schedule time in your calendar right now to get them done.
  • What are my goals for the rest of the year? How can I achieve those goals? What do I need in order to accomplish them? What can I take off my plate to allow time to bring them into fruition?
  • Is there a particular area in my life where I need to focus more of my time and energy right now? How can I make that happen?
  • What have I accomplished so far this year? Celebrate it!
  • What am I grateful for this year? How can I best show my gratitude to those people or things?
  • Where do I want to be one year from today? What’s one step I can take today to head in that direction?


I hope you find this mid-year check-in helpful. If you are having trouble answering these questions, call on July’s featured Goddess, Aine. As a fertility goddess, she helps women not only give birth to children, but also to ideas and projects. She also helps you focus when you are struggling to bring a goal to fruition.

Featured GODDESS: Aine

Portrait of the romantic woman in a summer garden


Goddess of Love and Fertility

“You don’t have to be a mother to give birth. Call on me when you need to harness the energy of life to bring a new project or endeavor into the world.”




Traits Aine Embodies:

  • Fertility
  • Creativity
  • Self-love
  • Abundance
  • Sun and moon energy


 How to call on Aine:

Aine was known as Queen of the Fairy (Fae) and in some myths was credited with giving birth to Merlin – King Arthur’s great magician. Aine was worshipped for her magic over cattle, crops, and men. Known as a protector of women, her female subjects were as fiercely loyal to her as she was to them and routinely prayed to her for fertility, love, abundance, and protection. As Aine was seen as both a Goddess of the Sun and of the Moon, she can best be reached at noon or at the stroke of midnight. Pray to her when you need help bringing a project to fruition or need a reminder that you have within you the power to manifest all that you need.


 Prayer to Aine:

 Aine, Goddess of Love, Fairy Queen,

As day passes into night and night passes into day,

Hear my prayer.

Give me the courage to stay true to my heart

To birth that which I am Called to do

Help me to know my Gift

And share it with the World.

In this I pray,

Thank you, Aine!


 Tribute to Aine:

 As Aine was a protector of crops and cattle, her symbols include onions, wheat, and milk. Set up a small altar with these items as a tribute to her. Better yet, head to a stream at the stroke of noon or midnight and leave these as an offering to the fae, who worshipped and loved her.


Featured GODDESS: Maeve



Goddess of Fertility

“Pay attention to the cycles and rhythms of your life for they hold the keys to your personal power. Call on me when you need strength to take action in a sticky situation.”





Traits Maeve Embodies:

  • Magic and mysticism
  • Fertility
  • Lust
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Solving problems without sacrificing yourself


How to call on Maeve:

In addition to being a Goddess of Fertility, Maeve was also a Goddess of War, but not in the traditional sense. Maeve was known for stopping wars using her Feminine Powers of Persuasion. She also forbid any fighting when she was menstruating as that was her sacred time. In ancient times, the Celts honored Maeve by drinking mead (and making sure they didn’t argue or wage war while she was menstruating!). To honor Maeve, draw a warm bath, grab a glass of wine, sit back and relax, tuning into your own inner strength and power.


Prayer to Maeve:


Maeve, Goddess of Fertility and the Cycles of Life,

I call upon you to give me strength and realize my own personal power.

In your honor, I vow to be Creatrix of my own fate and take responsibility for my actions.

Please help me Know and See so that I may always act with Right Action in Your Honor.

Thank you, Maeve.


Tribute to Maeve:

As a tribute to Maeve, poor some of your wine into the ground after you finish your bath and prayers.