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Connections & Relationships, Financial and Otherwise

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  • The owner has used the product themselves and is happy with the result.
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  • The owner has researched the product and/or the provider and has an honest belief of its excellence before putting forth the recommendation based on the provider’s history.

The owner makes every effort to provide her honest opinion and feedback so that you, the prospective purchaser can make your own decisions about whether to purchase the product or service.

How Might the Owners Be Compensated?

There are many ways that the business owner might receive compensation or benefit related to their recommendations. They include:

  • Receiving products or services free or at a reduced price, or receiving money as a result of mentioning or recommending a product or service on their site or through their marketing efforts, including emails to their list and through social networking.
  • Receiving reciprocal mention of one of their products or services from the product provider as a result of their recommendation.

Many of these recommended products or services are offered through the use of affiliate links, so that when you purchase a product or service after clicking on the affiliate link provided on this site, the owner will receive some sort of compensation as a result.

Do You Have Questions?

While we make every effort to be honest and transparent when we offer or recommend products or services provided by others, you may have questions that you would like to have answered about a particular product or service, or the relationship or compensation related to that product or service.

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Cancellation Policy

For any of the following services:

  • 30 or 90 Minute Strategy Sessions
  • Full Day or 1/2 Day VIP Intensives
  • Coaching or Mentoring Sessions

Cancellation at least 48 hours prior to scheduled session/retreat:

  • No Refund
  • You may reschedule

(Please contact Mary@AwakeningtheGoddessWithin.net)

Cancellation up to 4 hours before scheduled session/retreat:

  • No Refund
  • You may reschedule

(Please contact Mary@AwakeningtheGoddessWithin.net)

No shows or missed session/retreat:

  • No Refund
  • You may NOT reschedule

For ongoing Coaching/Mentoring: 

Cancellation up to 24 hours before scheduled session/retreat:

  • You will be allowed to reschedule your session

(Please contact Mary directly)

Cancellations up to 23 hours before:

  • The option to reschedule will be based upon the emergency circumstances surrounding the session cancellation at Mary’s discretion.

No shows or missed session/retreat:

  • Counts as a completed session and will not be allowed to reschedule.

For Complimentary Services Listed Below:

  • Complimentary Inner Goddess Wisdom Session

Cancellation up to 8 hours before scheduled session:

  • You will be allowed to reschedule your session

(Please contact Mary directly)

No shows or missed session:

Complimentary sessions are offered as a service to potential clients.  They provide strategic insight for you, your life and your health as well as provide an opportunity for us to determine if we would be a good fit for working together in the future.  I expect my clients to be committed to their personal growth and honor commitments they make to themselves and to the work we are doing.  For this reason if you are a no show or miss our complimentary session without notifying me, we probably won’t be a good fit for each other and you will not be allowed to schedule another complimentary session with me.

Website Privacy Policy

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