Every woman is beautiful and Every woman is a Goddess.

Are you ready to learn to love and accept the Beautiful Goddess you are?

~ Dr. Mary Pritchard, PhD, HHC


…to join me, and my very special guests, for this two week series of intimate thirty minute video conversations. Thirty heart-centered, mission-driven women are joining me to share the lessons learned on their journey of healing and transforming their relationships with their bodies and themselves. They will share their tips and tricks for how they learned to love and accept themselves and embrace the Goddesses they truly are. Your free registration includes access to all 30 empowering videos as well as 30 transformational gifts to support you in embracing all of you.

Women Who Have Been There…

You may recognize many of my guests for the inspirational and empowering WORK they do in the world – From the Queen of Self-Love to the Best Selling Magazine Publisher and Radio Host, from the Bestselling Author to the Transformation Catalyst & Creatrix; from the Midwife for Your Life to the Sparkle at Any Age expert.

But, first and foremost, behind those roles and labels, are WOMEN!

WOMEN, just like you and me, who have struggled, grieved, healed, fallen, failed and overcome shame and self-doubt to embrace all of themselves – just as they are – right now.  Just like you, each of my guests have struggled on her journey of self-discovery and healing. We’ve come together to share our intimate stories of hope, love and transformation with our hearts wide open to inspire and empower you to believe in yourself.

Meet These Women Who Learned to Embrace Who They Are As They Are…

 Arylo   SHerri Nichols  headshot-yellow background  lisa  Mia's Profile
 Christine Arylo Sherri Nickols  Mal Duane Lisa Marie Rosati Mia Saenz
 Stacey_Curnow_Cover_extra-1  cropped  Diane_-109  DrAJ1crop  Modern Day Goddess: Lorraine Cohen
 Stacey Curnow  Veronique Desaulniers  Diane Randall  Dr. Anita Johnston Lorraine Cohen 
 Patty Alfonso 1  Victoria_Wynn_Profile120  ChristineM-0442-Edit  300 dpi thumbnail  Kim_CrystalBall_300x300
Patty Alfonso  Victoria Wynn  Christine Miskinis  Jan Deelstra  Kim Turcotte
 CINDY PHOTO BIO BOOK (2)  lpc  Bonnie R Giller Headshot  alexa headshot
 Cindy Heath Laura Clark  Gabrielle Loomis Bonnie Giller  Alexa Linton
 Lynda Monk photo  Cheryl Truesdale-145_pp  MichelleLeathImg  Colleen Georges Photo 2015 #6  Bonnie-2094
 Lynda Monk Cheryl Truesdale  Michelle Leath  Colleen Georges  Bonnie Gayle
   Kristi Blicharski SM 1  jen fall central park    IMG_6709
Reba Linker  Kristi Ling Jen Hoy Danielle Browning Dr. Mary Pritchard 

Registration includes…

Complimentary access to all 30 intimate thirty minute video conversations as well as a resource library of 30 transformational gifts to support you in reclaiming your life.  The Embrace All of You video series kicks off on Monday, July 6th.  Five times a week, over a three week period, you’ll receive access to that day’s empowering interviews and transformational gift. That’s right… Five transformational interviews and gifts each week throughout the series to support you on your journey.

We’ve Been There and We Know There’s Another Way…

I look forward to being your guide over the next three weeks of the Embrace All of You video event where you will hear the transformational stories and empowering wisdom of women who, and will inspire and empower you to believe that it IS POSSIBLE to…

  • Create the life of your dreams despite what your current circumstances may say
  • Heal your deepest wounds by embracing self-love and self-compassion
  • Transform your relationship with yourself 
  • Accept the truth that you are beautiful as you are now.
  • See your greatest struggles, failures and life circumstances as a Divine calling to see you on your path
  • Embrace your inner wisdom
  • And much, much more.

REGISTER TODAY for FREE ACCESS to all 30 inspiring thirty minute videos as well as 30 transformational gifts.